The Sit-Down Cabinet
The Sit-Down Cabinet
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The Sit-Down Cabinet

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Sit Down to Blast: Designed for use with a standard office chair

Front Doors Open: Front of cabinet completely opens up making it easier to insert large 3D objects

Dual magnetic base lamps: Brighter working area; adjustable

Spring-loaded trap door: Easy recycling into pressure blaster

Adjustable feet: Easy leveling and height adjustment

6 Plug Power Strip: convenient power for lamps and dust collector

Large Glass Window Viewing Area: See every square inch of your blasting project


Cabinet Specifications
Overall height 54" (feet lowest position)
Overall width 32" including arms
Box width 30" inside dimensions
Box depth 20" inside dimensions
Box working height 22" inside dimensions
Viewing area 10" x 27"
Weight 150 lbs.

Reference Material

For assembly and care & maintenance instructions, click here.


Sit-Down Cabinet S36050 $1,560.00
Sit-Down Cabinet w/Siphon System S36051 $1,680.00
S36050 Sit-Down Cabinet $1,560.00
S36037 HEPA 100DC Dust Collector $568.00
S36016 100B-S Pressure Blaster w/Air-Actuated Foot Switch $1,025.00
S36344 Flexible Hose Assembly $68.75
S36309-12 Ceramic Nozzles (3/32”) 1 doz $59.25
S36320 Cyclone Dust Separator Head $34.00
S36381 Dust Separator Hose $28.00
S36301 Abrasive Sifter $18.25
P35002-50 Silicon Carbide (120 grit) 50 lbs $125.00
Total $3,486.25
Accessories/Replacement Parts
Lens Protector for Sit-Down Cabinet Set of 3 S36400 $15.00
Gloves 28” (Gauntlets) S36390 $36.75
Gloves 24" (Gauntlets) S36390-2 $35.25
Gloves 24" Rubber S36392-1 $23.25
Glove Flanges S36391-1 $18.70
Snap Rings S36391 $7.75
Blow Down Nozzle Assembly S36345 $36.75
Flexible Hose and Nozzle Assembly (for use inside a cabinet only!) S36344 $68.75
Magnetic Base Lamp S36675 $66.95
Squeeze Lever Shut-Off S36337 $93.25