The MiniPasser™

The MiniPasser™

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Accepts Glass 24" (61cm) Wide By Any Length

The MiniPasser™ is the only cabinet designed specifically for blasting decorative glass. Slots on each side permit sheets of glass 24" (61 cm) wide by any length to be "passed" through. Only the portion of the glass that is within the cabinet at any one time is blasted.

Just slide the glass through, stopping to blast a new area as it enters the cabinet. The slots (and the easel inside) are tipped back at the top seven degrees so that the glass will rest against the rear gaskets in the cabinet and create a seal against abrasive loss.

This angle also makes the work much easier to see than in a vertical position. When the gaskets are installed in the slots, the MiniPasser™ is a conventional cabinet. Blast sheets up to 24" x 29" (61 cm x 73,6 cm) and 3D objects can be up to 12" (30.5 cm) deep.


Front Opening Swing-up Glass Door: Provides easy access to the work and a very large viewing area

Slide Slots: Accommodates sheets up to 1/2" (1.27cm) thick by 24" (61cm) wide

Gaskets: 24" (61cm) molded foam strips are tucked into the slots to seal the cabinet. The narrow face of the strip is used when there is glass in the slot and the wide face when the slot is vacant.

Easel: Holds any size sheet that will fit in the cabinet. The easel is removable for 3D objects

Lighting: A 100 Watt magnetic-base adjustable lamp

Spring-loaded Hopper Door: Keeps the abrasive in the hopper until it is time to replenish the pressure pot

Gauntlet-type Gloves: Keeps arms and hands from coming in contact with the abrasive.

Access Ports (both sides): for a standard sand hose or Glastar's Flexible Hose Assembly


Overall Height 56" (142.25cm)
Overall Width 26 1/2" (67.31cm)
Overall Depth 18" (45.72cm)
Box Working Height 29" (73.66cm) Inside Dimension
Box Working Width 24" (60.96cm)
Box Working Depth 12" (30.48cm)
Slot Dimensions 1/2" x 24" (1.27 x 60.96cm)
Glass Door 14" x 26" (35.56 x 66.04cm
Weight - upper half 58 lbs. (26.31 kg)
Weight - lower half 62 lbs. (28.13 kg)

Optional Accessories

Viewing Window Liner: An inexpensive, replaceable plastic liner for the glass door to protect it from sandblast over spray

Flexible Hose Assembly: An ultra-light, flexible hose allowing you to direct the nozzle with very little effort achieving greater accuracy


MiniPasser™ w/Glass Door S36060 $1,050.00
MiniPasser™ w/Siphon System S36061 $1,200.00


Respirator S36500 $43.50
Filter Pair Respirator S36501 $21.50
Siphon Bottle Blaster S36045 $120.00
Air-Actuated Footswitch Kit S36300 $254.00
Blow Down Nozzle Assembly S36345 $36.75
Flexible Hose and Nozzle Assembly S36344 $68.75
For use inside a cabinet only
Lamans Water Extractor
1/4" 15 CFM S36511 $120.00
1/2" 50 CFM S36514 $275.00
Abrasive Sifter S36301 $18.25
Magnetic Base Lamp S36675 $66.95
For use in a blasting cabinet
Model "A" Siphon Gun S36540 $90.00
Siphon Gun w/ Abrasive Canister (SE352) S36090 $97.50
Lightweight Hood S36370 $49.25
Gloves 24" Rubber S36392-1 $23.25
Squeeze Lever Shut-Off S36337 $93.25