Model OS-7 - Portable On-Site Sandblaster

Model OS-7 - Portable On-Site Sandblaster

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Dust-free, on-site sandblasting opens up a whole new market to decorative sandblasters. You can now go into a building and sandblast on installed glass, metal or stone without creating a huge mess. This blaster uses a high volume vacuum return to recapture dust and abrasive and to recycle the usable abrasive through the blaster continuously.

This blaster is a siphon system, so it requires a substantial amount of air to operate continuously for long periods of time. If your existing compressor is not adequate, or if it is not portable, renting a larger compressor could be a viable, low-cost option for you to get into on-site blasting.

Many people doing on-site blasting use 2 hp, 110v compressors even though these compressors do not provide enough air to blast for long periods of time. They simply modify their blasting technique to alternate short periods of cutting out the resist with short periods of blasting, instead of doing all the cutting first and then all of the blasting. Some people use two 2 hp compressors to provide a longer period of blasting time before running out of air.



Voltage 115V @ 60 Hz
Motor RPM 19,600
Air Requirements 8 cfm @ 75 psi 22 cfm @ 160 psi
Abrasive Capacity 15 lbs. Min. 40 lbs. Max.
Hose Length 8.5 ft.
Dimensions 20" x 18" x 44" H


Model OS-7
On-site Siphon Blaster 115V S36000 $1,180.00
On-site Siphon Blaster 220V S36000-1 $1,300.00
Replacement Motor S36450 $121.25
Blast Gun S36451 $77.00
Blast Head With Brush S36451-1 $200.00
Nozzle Holder S36451-3 $28.50
Ceramic Nozzle S36455 $26.00
Carbide Nozzle S36456 $153.75
Brush 1 ¼" Flat S36460 $23.50
Filter Canister S36465 $60.25
Air Jet with Washer S36453 $8.40