Model B3 - 8" Diamond Wheel Bench Grinder

Model B3 - 8" Diamond Wheel Bench Grinder

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The B3 has been designed as a production grinder, specifically for diamond wheels. It features an extremely high-torque, 1/2 HP motor with ball bearings. This permits very heavy loading without slowing.

Because coolant is applied to diamond wheels, corrosion has been an important design consideration. The motor and bearings are totally enclosed. The base is a powdercoated aluminum casting, and the wheel guards are molded plastic.

The wheel guards snap in and out of the base so that changing wheels is fast. Occasionally, large odd-shaped pieces of glass interfere with the guard and removing it is necessary to complete the piece. In this case, the sponges hold enough coolant to grind for several minutes without the spray.

The B3 takes up very little bench space, and yet it is extremely stable because of its weight and low center of gravity.


1. Coolant: Two wide-spray valves with compression fittings for applying coolant

2. Speed: 1725 RPM which is perfect for 8" diamond wheels

3. Wheel Guards: Molded plastic wheel guards snap in and out of position for quick removal

4. Motor:1/2 HP high-torque, permanent split capacitor motor, which is totally enclosed and slealed ball bearing

5. Sponges: Sponge retainer allows adjustment of sponges for any wheel size to reduce excess spray

6. Base: A 3/8" thick powdercoated aluminum casting for easy cleaning

7. Drains: Each coolant well includs an 8' x 5/8" diameter drain line

8. Drive Assembly: Extremely high tolerances on the shafts and wheels eliminate vibration - essential for a fine finish

Glass Grinding

For glass, the most popular wheels for roughing and smoothing are 100 grit and 600 grit. For beveling, 8" wheels are used primarily and the 4" wheels are kept for tight inside curves. An 8" wheel will generate an inside curve as small as a 11/2" radius. 6" & 4" wheels produce an inside radius as small as 1" and 1/2" respectively.

For hot-glass workers, the B3 fitted with radius wheels is perfect for removing punty marks. Many glass workers have diamond wheels mounted on the same shaft with stones or polishing wheels. Consequently, the diamonds are turning much too slowly. Production can be tripled by putting the roughing wheel on one side of the B3. On the other side, use a fine grit diamond for smoothing, instead of a stone, and gain even more time.

Optional Accessories

A hook-up kit which provides the necessary tubing and fittings to connect the spray valves to a faucet or the Glastar pump system.
A pump system which recirculates the cooling water. A coolant can then be added to the water which prolongs the life of the diamonds.


Drive Shaft
Mounting Diameter 1"
Lock Nuts 1/2" –20 LH & RH
Rotation Up & Away
Power 1/2 HP @ 1625 RPM
Electrical @ 115V, 6.5A, 50/60 Hz
@ 230V, 2:1 Autoformer
Speed @ 60 Hz 1725 RPM
Speed @ 50 Hz 1425 RPM
Manufacturer Fasco
Type Permanent Split Capacitor
Bearings Sealed Ball Bearings
Housing 56 Frame, Totally Enclosed
Weight 31 Lbs
Size 16.5"0 Wide X 14" Deep X 11.50" High, Including Plumbing


Model B3 'Up-Right' Bench Grinder
31/2 HP 115v, 60 Hz P33199 $875.00
1/2 HP 230V, 50/60 Hz P33302 $1,025.00
Model B3
For grinding / polishing of inside curves
Model B3 Upright Grinder P33199 $875.00
8" 100 Grit Roughing Wheel P33199 $360.00
8" 600 Grit Smoothing Wheel P33882 $240.00
8" Resin Prepolish Wheel P34172 $90.00
8" Felt polish Wheel P33906 $102.75
Total $1,667.75