Model 100B-S

Model 100B-S

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Glastar pressure blasters are especially set up for decorative sandblasting on glass, wood, stone or metal.

Our blasters can be used equally well at low or high pressures. We feature a lightweight 3/8" sand hose and a small nozzle assembly ideal for delicate, finely detailed work, as well as for large blasted areas. The small diameter nozzles we supply with the blasters allows the efficient use of a small compressor (2hp acceptable, 5hp recommended). Larger nozzles are also available.

Minor assembly is required and instructions are included. The model 100B-S comes with an air-activated footswitch. The air-controlled valve turns the stream of abrasive and air on and off immediately. This is a very convenient accessory.


Glastar sandblasters offer higher quality at a lower cost than any comparable blasters. The units come complete; no extra parts are necessary. This includes:

  • The tank
  • Water separator
  • Pressure regulator
  • Air gauge
  • All valves
  • Sandblast hose
  • Spare nozzles


Wheels yes
Abrasive Capacity* 100 lbs.
Approximate Blast Time** 1-3 hours
Hose*** 10 feet

* Capacity listed for silicon carbide; with sand, slightly less.

**Estimate based on average abrasive settings and operator techniques.

*** Hoses supplied are all 3/8" i.d., best for most projects an any pressure. 1/2" hose and nozzle assembly available separately for use on very large projects.


Model 100A S36012-2 $780.00
With Squeeze Lever Shut Off
Model 100
With Squeeze Lever Shut Off S36018 $875.00
Includes Water Separator and Pressure Regulator
Model 100B-S S36016 $1,025.00
Includes Water Separator, Pressure Regulator
and Air-Actuated Foot Switch
1/2 ” Brass Valve S36321 $20.50
Nozzle Cap 3/8" (New) S36338-3 $8.40
Nozzle Gaskets (Pressure Blaster) S36338-4 $1.65
Hose End Adapter (for S36338-3 Cap) S36364 $9.75
Hose Adapter 1/2" - 3/8" S36362 $9.75
Sand Hose 3/8" X 10' S36351 $92.50
4 Way Clean Out 1/2" S36406 $9.50
Regulator S36332 $65.00
Water Separator With Sight Glass S36330 $65.00
Drain Cock 1/4" S36334 $7.50
Pressure Gauge S36335 $14.95
Pressure Release Valve 1/4" S36336 $25.20