MiniPasser System

MiniPasser System

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The blasting cabinet and vacuum system provide a safe, well-lit environment in which to blast while minimizing contamination of your workshop with blasting dust. It is not only necessary to match the cabinet with the vacuum, but also to match these items to the size and type of work you will be doing.

The sandblaster is the heart of the system. It is powered by compressed air and the type and size of sandblaster you use determines what size compressor you must use and how fast you can complete a given job. The sandblaster is the most important and usually least expensive part of the system.

The compressor runs on either electricity or gasoline and provides the sandblaster with its source of compressed air. The compressor and sandblaster should be matched for efficient operation. The minimum air compressor we suggest is a 3hp w/30 gallon tank. However, it is recommended you use a 5hp w/ 60/80 gallon tank.

The following are Glastar’s suggestion as to how to group our products in different ways to maximize your time and effort in choosing a blasting system. Each system is designed to get you blasting as quickly as possible with one easy purchase!

Suggested System Prices:

S36060 MiniPasser™ Cabinet (with Lamp) $1,050.00
S36037 HEPA 100DC Dust Collector $568.00
S36016 100B-S Pressure Blaster w/Air-Actuated Foot Switch $1,025.00
S36320 Cyclone Dust Separator $34.00
S36381 Dust Separator Hose $28.00
S36344 Flex Hose Assembly $68.75
S36309-12 Ceramic Nozzles (3/32”) 1 doz $59.25
S36301 Abrasive Sifter $18.25
P35002-50 Silicon Carbide (120 grit) 50 lbs $125.00
Total $2,976.25