Micro Abrasive Blaster

Micro Abrasive Blaster

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The Micro Abrasive Blaster is designed to give the user the ability to sandblast with or without a stencil. The precise even flow of abrasive allows you to draw or write directly on the surface of the glass. The unit consists of a machined reservoir, and easily operated foot switch, a nozzle holder the size of a pencil, and the necessary connecting hoses. The Micro Abrasive Blaster comes with a .032 carbide nozzle.

The Micro Abrasive Blaster is designed to operate on compressed air from a compressor or bottled gas. 60 to 120 psi is required and 100 psi plus should be used for carving. Glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicone carbide, and other media's ranging in sizes 150 mesh through 400 mesh can be used. It is recommended that a water separator be used with the Micro Abrasive Blaster. When used in high humidity areas, the abrasive will absorb moisture, causing it to pack. If this happens, you will get an uneven flow of material making it very difficult to work with the unit.


Pencil-Like Hand Piece - delivers a needle-thin abrasive stream at high force making it ideal for precise work. Features a non slip textured body and contoured nozzle

Super Flexible Air Lines - designed to move when and where you move

Sensitive Foot Pedal - delivers immediate on-off response for better control of abrasive stream

Easy To Use Reservoir - conveniently refillable with a screw off top

Quick Change Tips - lets you go from a round tip to a flat tip quickly and easily


Building Your Own 'Blasting Cabinet'

For those wishing to recycle your abrasive material, we suggest purchasing a plastic storage box (the size is up to you), cutting "hand holes" on either side, then using a piece of clear glass in place of the box lid.

To begin blasting, place the project inside the box, feed the compressor hose through one of your arm holes (or cut a new hole in a location most convenient for you), attach it to the siphon gun, place the clear glass 'lid' on your box and blast away!


Micro-Blaster S36041 $560.00
Round Carbide Tip .032 S36484 $28.00
Round Carbide Tip .045 S36485 $29.00
Round Carbide Tip .060 S36486 $35.00
Rectangle Carbide Tip .007 x .125 S36487 $35.00