Glastar Bevel Star G 15 Instruction Manual

Glastar Bevel Star G 15 Instruction Manual

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Congratulations! By investing in the Glastar Bevel Star you have the finest grinding and polishing station available to the hobby market. Follow these instructions and you will get the maximum enjoyment and use out of your new machine.


When operating the Bevel Star, always protect yourself against eye injuries from flying glass. Protective safety goggles should be worn by persons beveling and all persons in the immediate area.

Contents of Package:
Bevel Star System
Owner's Manual
How to Bevel Guide
Warranty Card
1 lb. (.4536kg) Cerium Oxide
Aluminum Screw-Back Discs (4)
120 Grit Genesis Diamond Roughing Pad (1)
400 Grit Genesis Diamond Smoothing Pad (1)
Diamond Resin Pre-Polish pad (1)
Polyester Felt Polish Pad (1)
Water Hook-Up Kit (1)

Genesis diamond grinding pads are available in various grit sizes. Contact your supplier for details.

Do not grind any metal on the grinding discs. It will make the disc unusable for grinding glass within a matter of seconds!

Getting Started

Water Supply
A plumbing kit is supplied with your machine. The kit is designed to connect to a common garden hose connection. Keep in mind that most laundry and utility sinks have faucet mouths that have matching threads to a garden hose.

Drain System
Your machine has a 6' (15.24cm) length of clear plastic tubing for a drain exit. Place the end of the tube in a large plastic bucket on the floor. Beveling can be very absorbing work, so much so that you can find yourself standing in two inches of water by the time you finish that gorgeous bevel! Pay close attention to the water level, and dump the bucket when about 3/4 full. Use a reasonable sized drain bucket; one that will give you lots of beveling time, but something you can handle without spilling it when it is almost full. Be careful where you dump the bucket as glass grits and cerium settle very tightly in drain pipes and over time, can create problems. If you have made the decision to use a diamond coolant, you will need a recirculating pump system such as an aquarium or fountain pump.

The grinding and polishing pads are adhesive-backed. To mount the pads to the discs, peel off the paper backing and apply to flush surface of the blank discs. When the pads become worn, just peel off and apply a new one. Be sure that the blank disc is perfectly clean prior to attaching the new pad. Using a cleaner such as acetone will insure that all residue is removed before applying new disc. Discs are easily installed and changed by unplugging your machine, removing the splash guard and unscrewing the disc. In order to unscrew the disc, the spindle must be locked by pressing the disc from the back of the machine. Slowly rotate the spindle until the pin locks in place, then unscrew the disc counter-clockwise. The locking device will automatically back out when you release the locking pin.

Flexible Water Spout
You can change the direction of the water/coolant flow by adjusting the flexible spout. Fot optimum results, we recommend that the coolant be directed to the center of the disc. The water flow is easily adjusted by the ball valve in the back of the machine.

Input Power
Model G15
1/4 HP
0-2500 RPM
Variable Speed Motor
50/60 HZ
2.0 AMPS

Model G151
1/4 HP
0-2500 RPM
Variable Speed Motor
50/60 HZ
1.0 AMPS


This warranty is extended by GLASTAR CORPORATION to the original purchaser and to any succeeding owner. If your GLASTAR GRINDER fails for any reason within the first 1 year from the date of manufacture, we will repair the product without charge for parts or labor.

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If you have any problem with your GLASTAR GRINDER call the GLASTAR TOLL FREE NUMBER for an authorization number. Then pack the machine well and return it post-paid to GLASTAR. We will repair your grinder as rapidly as possible and return it to you post-paid.

This warranty does not cover wear of the diamond grinding surface.