Model B2 - Production Glass Polishing System

Model B2 - Production Glass Polishing System

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The B2 is meant for heavy production use. The one inch mounting shaft, washers and nuts are all solid stainless steel and the wheel and belt guards are thick molded plastic so that rust will never be a factor. The shaft ball bearings are oversized, sealed and permanently lubricated. The motor is the best available - a Baldor "industrial-type" with ball bearings and electronic starter. The base is 1/8" thick steel tubing. Every aspect of this polisher is over-designed to create a machine that will last trouble-free.


1. Motor This 3/4 HP motor is an "industrial" quality Baldor and operates on 115, 208, or 230 volts. It has ball bearings, an electronic starter, and its own on/off switch.

2. Wheel Guards Two 16" molded polyethylene housings. Each wheel guard comes with a sponge retainer, sponge and special quick-disconnect hardware for rapid wheel changes. One housing is fitted with a spray nozzle, valve and an 8-foot drain hose for use with a synthetic prepolish wheel.

3. Lights Two Industrial 100-watt Moffatt goose-neck lamps, each with its own on/off switch. Easily adjusts to either wheel.

4. Double-Ended Mandrel 8.5" high cast aluminum split frame with permanently sealed and lubricated industrial ball bearings. Arbor shaft is 1" x 33" ground stainless steel threaded left hand at one end and right hand at the other and includes collars, stainless steel nuts and washers. Can easily be removed for pulley and belt changes (approximately 20 minutes).

5. Belt Guard Heavy molded polyethylene housing that completely covers the belt. On the two-speed version, the guard covers the belt only on the front side of the machine. The back is exposed to facilitate pulley changes.

6. Base Table top is Formica-covered 1" particle board. Frame is all welded construction using 2" heavy-duty 1/8" thick tubular steel. Machinery-grade 3" adjustable levelers. Chip-proof powdercoat enamel. Individual switches for light and motor.


Polishing Wheels A polishing station is composed of a prepolish wheel and a final polish wheel. The most popular prepolish wheel is a synthetic composed of a fine grade of aluminum oxide embedded in Nylon fibers. This type of wheel requires a continuous water spray, and has an extremely long life. The final polish wheel is a wool felt. A slurry of cerium oxide and water is applied to the wheel at frequent intervals during the polishing.

Wheel Speeds The synthetic prepolish wheel can be used at twice the speedof the felt. If the felt rotates too fast, it will produce too much heat in the glass and cause small cracks. Therefore, the shaft speed is governed by the felt wheel. The B2 is set at the factory to drive either 12" wheels at 500 RPM or 16" wheels at 380 RPM. However, any pulley combination can be special ordered, or they can easily be changed in the field. Practically any speed between 320 and 3450 RPM can be set so that the B2 will drive all types of polishing wheels and even grinding wheels. Wheel size on both sides of the shaft should be approximately the same to minimize vibration.

Wheel Sizes Whenever possible, the larger 16" wheels are preferable to the 12". Even though the cost for a set of 16" is about 80% more than the 12", they will last a great deal longer. In addition, the larger the wheel is:
1. The less of an obstacle the belt guard or wheel guard becomes in maneuvering a large odd- shaped piece;
2. The smaller the tendency to throw off the cerium oxide;
3. The less frequently the felt must be charged vith cerium; and
4. The more time the felt has to cook in making a revolution, therefore, the harder one can push on the wheel.


Glastar stocks a very large inventory of synthetic, horsehair and wool felt wheels, as well as polyester felt pads for flat discs
Either an industrial pumpo or a submersible pump is available so that cooling water to the synthetic wheel and be recirculated. The model B2 has a receptacle with its own on/off switch to control the pump
A double-ended mandrel is available as a separate component. It includes all shaft hardware and one 8" pully and belt


Drive Shaft
Mounting Diameter 1"
Lock Nuts 1" - 14 LH & RH
Material 303 Stainless Steel
Rotation Up & Away
Speed 500 RPM for 12" Wheels
380 RPM for 16" Wheels
Power 3/4 HP
Electrical @ 60 Hz 115V, 208-230V
Electrical @ 50 Hz 230V
Speed @ 60 Hz 1725 RPM
Speed @ 50 Hz 1425 RPM
Manufacturer Baldor
Bearings Ball
Weight 170 LBS
Size 24 X 24 X 55 (Excluding Lamp)


3/4 HP Fixed Speed 115V/230V 60 Hz P33489 $2,480.00
3/4 HP Fixed Speed 230V 50 Hz P33499 $2,650.00
Model B2
For polishing straight edges, inside and outside curves
Model B2 Upright Polishing Station P33489 $2,480.00
12" Diamond Resin Prepolish Wheel P34173 $151.25
12" Wood Felt polish Wheel P33895 $436.50
5" Stainless Steel Washers(pair) P33164 $20.40
Total $3088.15