The GlassPasser™

The GlassPasser™

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Accepts Glass as Large as 6 Feet (183 cm) X 8 Feet (244 cm)

The exclusive design of the GlassPasser™ provides slots in the sides and top so that pieces much larger than the cabinet can be "passed through."

Only the portion of the glass that is within the cabinet at any one time is blasted. It is very simple to slide the glass through, stopping to blast a new area as it enters the cabinet.

When the glass is taller than the cabinet, and the lower portion has been blasted, turn it over and slide it through again to finish the other half. In this way, a piece of glass up to 6' (183 cm) X 8' (244 cm) long can be etched.

The GlassPasser™ will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and pay for itself in a very short time.


Cabinet Style Doors: Front of cabinet virtually opens up for ease of inserting large 3D items

Adjustable Side and Top Slots: Can accommodate glass from 1/8" to 2" thick

Set of 9 Rollers: Move heavy glass sheets easily though cabinet's blasting area

Dual Magnetic Base Lamps: For a bright working area; both are adjustable

Spring-Loaded Trap Door: Easy recycling into pressure blaster

Adjustable Feet: Easy leveling and height adjustment

Elongated Double-Brush Arm Holes: Easy access to every inch of cabinet's interior

Large Glass Viewing Area: Allows unobstructed view of entire cabinet


Access opening 25" high x 30" wide
Overall height 67" (feet lowest position)
Overall width 80" including arms
Box Width 30" inside dimensions
Box Depth 24" inside dimensions
Box working height 35 1/2" inside dimensions
Slot Width 2 1/8"
Viewing Area 29 1/2" x 13 1/2"
Weight 230lbs

Optional Accessories

Gloves: Gauntlet-type fixed to an adapter plate, used in place of brushes. Keeps hands and arms from coming into contact with abrasive. Completely eliminates any abrasive leakage that can come through the brushes.

Convenient Easel: The easel supports glass inside the cabinet while being blasted. It is hand-adjustable, which allows the glass to be placed at a comfortable level. The easel is lined with plastic to minimize glass scratches and is removable, in order to accommodate the blasting of larger objects


GlassPasser™ w/Cabinet Doors S36064 $2,960.00
GlassPasser™ w/Siphon System S36065 $3,080.00

Cabinet Accessories:

Respirator S36500 $43.50
Filter Pair Respirator S36501 $21.50
Siphon Bottle Blaster S36045 $120.00
Air-Actuated Footswitch Kit S36300 $254.00
Blow Down Nozzle Assembly S36345 $36.75
Flexible Hose and Nozzle Assembly S36344 $68.75
For use inside a cabinet only
Lamans Water Extractor
1/4" 15 CFM S36511 $120.00
1/2" 50 CFM S36514 $275.00
Abrasive Sifter S36301 $18.25
Magnetic Base Lamp S36675 $66.95
For use in a blasting cabinet
Adapter Plate w/Gauntlets S36671 $86.00
For GlassPasser™
Adjustable Easel S36670 $102.00
For GlassPasser™
Model "A" Siphon Gun S36540 $90.00
Siphon Gun w/ Abrasive Canister (SE352) S36090 $97.50
Lightweight Hood S36370 $49.25
Gloves 24" Rubber S36392-1 $23.25
Squeeze Lever Shut-Off S36337 $93.25