Sandblast Starter Kit

Sandblast Starter Kit

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This is the kit for you if you've ever wanted to try sandblasting for the first time, or don't have the space for a traditional blasting cabinet. Just fill the canister, connect the siphon gun to a 1/2 HP or larger air compressor and away you go!

Sandblast directly on your project or use a stencil for perfect results every time! With The Sandblast Starter you can create beautiful etched images, remove surface rust or paint, or put a matte finish on most hard materials..... there are literally more than 101 practical uses for this easy-to-use product.

The Sandblast Starter from Glastar is perfect for small jobs and experimenting with new techniques. You can get just the effect you want by trying different blasting media from aluminum oxide, to glass beads, to even crushed walnut shells. For your safety, be sure to wear a dust mask, safety glasses, and gloves when blasting!


Each Sandblast Started Kit includes the following materials:

  • 2 3/16" Ceramic nozzles
  • 10 lbs of 120 grit Aluminum Oxide abrasive
  • 3 Precut stencils - 1 floral design, 1 animal design, & 1 geometric design
  • 1 Vinyl squeegee to burnish your stencils
  • 4 Square feet of 6 mil vinyl resist to create your own original designs
  • 1 Pattern/instruction book
  • 1 Dust mask


Building Your Own 'Blasting Cabinet'

For those wishing to recycle your abrasive material, we suggest purchasing a plastic storage box (the size is up to you), cutting "hand holes" on either side, then using a piece of clear glass in place of the box lid.

To begin blasting, place the project inside the box, feed the compressor hose through one of your arm holes (or cut a new hole in a location most convenient for you), attach it to the siphon gun, place the clear glass 'lid' on your box and blast away!


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