Model B12 - 12" Diamond Disc Grinder with Magnetic Holder

Model B12 - 12" Diamond Disc Grinder with Magnetic Holder

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Diamond grinding is the fastest and most economical way to grind glass or stone. Because it is so much faster than any other method, it pays for itself in a very short time.

The B12 is perfect for hand-beveling, cold-glass working and lapidary. With this product it is possible to grind and polish all on one machine and change media effortlessly in seconds.

The B12 also turns at a higher speed than competing 12" machines. Grinding at slower speeds means longer production time reduced diamond life.


Magnetic Holder: The diamond grinding pads and polishing pads are mounted (using pressure sensitive adhesive) to a 1/8" steel plate. The plate has a 1/2" center hole which locates it on the magnetic holder. It takes only seconds to change plates! Since there is no screw in the center, the entire grinding surface is usable

Direct Drive: The B12 direct drive employs a 1/3 HP motor. This motor is extremely strong; and even under heavy, continuous production use, it will not lose speed

Machine Speed: The maximum cutting rate for diamonds (grinding glass) occurs between 3000 and 6000 ft/min. The B12 motor turns at 1075 RPM wich produces a cutting speed of 3375 ft/min. This keeps the speed of the disc as slow as possible for polishing and yet stays above the minimum recommended grinding speed

Grinding and Polishing: For rough grinding, an 80 or 120 grit pad is best, and for smoothing, a 400 or 600 grit. The 120 and 400 are the most popular combination on this size machine. The medium for polishing glass on flat laps has changed considerably in the last few years. For pre-polish, the resin bonded diamond pads are used almost exclusively. For final polish, the use of optical grade polyester felt has replaced the wool. Cerium oxide is used with polyester

1. Magnetic Disc Holder:Grinding or polishing discs are held in place magnetically. This unique mounting arrangement allows use of of the total grinding surface, and it takes only seconds to changes discs

2. Motor: An industrial grade, high-torque 3/4HP ball bearing motor which allows very heavy loading without slowing. It can be used on either 115 or 230 volts and is totaly enclosed to protect against corrosion.

3. Splash Guard: Consists of 4 permanently anchored polypropylene brushes. This unique arrangement stops coolant spray that comes off the disc. Long work pieces pass right through the bristles. This does not effect the ability of the brush to stop the spray, nor will the bristles scrach your piece

4. Coolant System: Plumbing includes an adjustable goose-neck, ball valve, 1/4" compression fitting and a 5/6" x 8' drain line. Can be used with either a Glaster recirculating pump or city water supply. The flexible spout makes it easy to direct a heavy stream of coolant to any area of the grinding disc

5. Pump Receptacle: The on/off switch in the front energizes both the motor and this receptacle. Therefor, when the machine is turned on or off, the coolant pump is as well

6. Housing:This 3/16" thick, molded polyethlene part is an exceptionally tough material which will not rust. The catch basin is sloped toward the drain which eliminates any residue build-up

7. Base: A heavy 3/16" steel plate is the chassis to which everything is mounted


Drive Shaft
Mounting(Steel Disc Only) Magnetic Hub with 1/2" Centering Pin
Rotation Counter Clockwise
Type Direct Drive
Power 3/4 HP
Voltage @ 50 or 60 Hz 115V or 230V
Current @ 115V 8.8A
Current @ 230V 4.4A
Speed @ 60 Hz 1075 RPM
Speed @ 50 Hz 895 RPM
Breakdown Torque 70oz-ft
Type Permanent Split Capacitor
Bearings Sealed Ball Bearings
Manufacturer Fasco
Weight 36 Lbs
Size 19" X 20 1/2" X 9 1/2" High Including Plumbing


B12 DISC DRIVE (12" magnetic hub)
3/4 HP Fixed Speed 115V, 50/60 Hz P33445 $1,240.00
3/4 HP Fixed Speed 230V, 50/60 Hz P33446 $1,240.00
1/3 HP Variable Speed 115V, 50/60 Hz P33506 $1,420.00
1/3 HP Variable Speed 230V, 50/60 Hz P33507 $1,420.00
Model B12V - Complete System
(1) B12-Variable Speed Disc Grinder P33506 $1,420.00
(1) 12” 120 Grit Diamond Pad P34007 $285.00
(1) 12” 400 Grit Diamond Pad P34009 $236.00
(1) 12” Diamond Resin Pad P33926 $106.00
(1) 12” Polyester Felt Pad w/o perf P34181-04 $67.50
(4) 12” Blank Steel Disc 4 @ $45.50 ea. P34140 $182.00
Sub Total $2,296.50
Crystal Repair Head 600 grit P34131 194.00
(1) Recirculating Pump System P33224 $175.75
(1) 10 lbs Cerium Oxide P35201-10 $225.00
(1) Gallon EZ-Grind™ Coolant P35215 $42.50
Sub Total $443.25