GENESIS™ Diamond Grinding Pads
GENESIS™ Diamond Grinding Pads
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GENESIS™ Diamond Grinding Pads

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Genesis grinds most hard surfaces such as glass, fiberglass, ceramics, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, composites, and some plastics. They are particularly well suited for glass beveling, cold glass working and lapidary. Genesis pads offer a big savings over conventionally-plated solid discs. They are about half the cost. Since they weigh only a few ounces, shipping is far less as well. Glastar's reputation for the "Best" in glass working equipment means the ultimate in long life diamond products.

Genesis pads come in any diameter up to 24" and are available in 70, 120, 220, 400, and 600 grit. The diamonds are nickel bonded (using a special patented process) to a thin flexible fiberglass substrate. The fiberglass is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive which makes installation yery easy. When the pad becomes worn, just peel it off and apply a new one. Install the pad on a balanced steel or aluminum disc, or on the bottom side of an existing plated disc. Check your drive to be certain that the pad will be turning at an adequate speed (see table). Any size center hole is available or "no hole."


Magnetic Pads

Genesis pads are also available backed with a magnetic sheet so that different pads can rapidly be exchanged on a steel disc. However, because of the weight of the magnetic material and mounting mis-alignment, the speed must be kept relatively slow to minimize vibration.

Wasted Diamonds

A great deal of production time is lost by running diamonds at the wrong speed. In addition, diamond products do not last as long if they run too slowly. The optimum speed for grinding glass, and most materials, with diamonds is about 4500 ft/min. This speed can be varied by as much as 30% in either direction and still obtain satisfactory results. Despite these higher speeds, the pad is so light that any mounting misalignment produces negligible vibration. Diamonds can be used wet or dry, but they always perform better if used wet. The table shows the ideal RPM for various size discs. For very hard stone, slower speeds may be preferable.

Disc diameter (in inches) 3 6 8 12 16 20 24
Recomended RPM 6000 3200 2400 1600 1250 1000 800

Diamond Consistency

One of the biggest advantages of the Genesis pad, particularly to the glass worker, is the absolutely pure diamond particle size in the fine grits (400 and 600). The large stray diamonds found in most manufacturer's fine-grit discs that create deep scratches in the smoothing step do not occur in Genesis pads. They are usable from the very beginning without a break in period. If you need a recommendation as to which grits to use, send a small sample of the material you are grinding.



  • Magnetic sheet material 1/16" thick in any diameter up to 24"
  • Balanced, solid-steel backing plates. Specify diameter and mounting hole.
Diameter Price
6" P34072 $5.20
8" P34073 $7.75
12" P34074 $17.00
16" P34075 $44.30
18" P34078 $51.00
20" P34076 $56.00
24" P34077 $67.50
Center hole size must be specified
Grit Size 8" Dia 12" Dia 16" Dia 18" Dia 20" Dia 24" Dia
70 / 80 $139.50 $340.00 $585.00 Call for Quote $972.00 Call for Quote
P34001 P34006 P34011 P34016 P34021 P34026
120 / 140 $122.50 $285.00 $502.00 Call for Quote $725.00 Call for Quote
P34002 P34007 P34012 P34017 P34022 P34027
220 / 230 $106.50 $242.50 Call for Quote $615.00 Call for Quote
P34003 P34008 P340013 P340018 P34023 P34028
400 / 500 $88.75 $236.00 Call for Quote $589.00 Call for Quote
P34004 P34009 P34014 P34019 P34024 P34029
600 / 700 $88.75 $236.00 Call for Quote $589.00 Call for Quote
P34005 P34010 P34015 P34020 P34025 P34030